On April 15, Tom Hanks and his old pal from the 2000 movie “Cast Away” have reunited for an exceptional baseball game.

An announcer in a video of the game posted by the sports team on Twitter said, “Joining Tom, please welcome his former costar from the movie Cast Away.” “It’s Wilson, the volleyball!”

Doby Jr. played on the Cleveland team and was the first black sportsman in the American League.

Hanks then placed Wilson on the ground so he could hurl the ceremonial pitch.

The ball rapidly traveled around on the field in a prank, possibly as a slight nod to how Hanks’ character heartbreakingly was separated from his friend in the film.

“There’s always been Cleveland — that’s the best part of our name,” the “Saving Private Ryan” star said in the clip. “And now it’s time to unite as one family, one community to build the next era for this team and this city to keep watch and guard what makes this game the greatest. To come together and welcome all that want to join us.”

The video continued, “We are loyal. And proud. And resilient. We protect what we’ve earned and always defend it. Together we stand with all who understand what it means to be born and built from the Land. Because this is a city we love and the game we believe in. Together, we are all Cleveland Guardians.”

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