Even though “Too Hot to Handle” Season 3 was released in January 2022, it seems like a lifetime ago. However, a brand-new season of the famous dating show has already begun broadcasting, and Netflix has renewed the series for a fifth season.

Considering that season 3’s premiere was more than a year ago, some viewers would be interested to know the status of the pair Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond. Many fans wanted Harry and Beaux to win since they have been the show’s favorite couple for a long time.

Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle included several other couples that heated things in the villas, but one couple won our hearts with their special moments. Harry and Beaux took a while to discover they were meant for each other, but they’re the only ones from season 3 who made things public by becoming acouple at the end of the program.The two even went on to exit the show as its winners and engaged in a serious relationship.

It makes sense that viewers would be more involved in Harry and Beaux’s relationship than some of the other pairs that have emerged from this specific Netflix dating program, given that they took home the $90,000 prize pool and third-season crown of Too Hot to Handle. So are the two of them still together.

Harry and Beaux aren’t together anymore, which is unfortunate. During the Season 3 Reunion Special, they made their separation public. Due to various remarks on social media, followers started to assume that the couple would be interested in reuniting love around February 2022. Beaux later confirmed (through her Instagram) that they are just friendly exes.

Too Hot to Handle is currently available on Netflix.

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