Netflix has introduced many exciting and adventurous series in these past few years. Many of them have been greatly appreciated by fans, yet some disappointed the watchers.

The only thing fans hate the most is watching the end of their beloved tv series. And then comes the wait.

Viewers across the globe have been waiting for their favorite characters to once again greet them on the screens.

And today, we are going to tell you the TOP 4 series that has gotten their fans on toes. This series has not only accomplished a wide range of viewers through the nations, but these have also teased their fans with the torturous wait for another glimpse into the universe.

Russian Doll: Season 2

This thrilling series was released in February 2019, and it was successful in hooking the audiences from the very beginning. With each death, the series has achieved many new eyes.

Many have believed the first season to be the show’s end, yet the fans have crossed their fingers for another season.
Hopefully, the season will hit our screens in 2022.

Stranger Things: Season 4

The most awaited season of all time is the return of season 4 of this exciting tv series.

The fans can start cheering as the cast members are done filming season 4, and this season is set to premiere on Netflix in mid-2022.

Bridgerton: Season 2

The mighty daughter of the Regency-era family is scheduled to return to our computer screens on March 25.

This romantic drama series has provided the fans with just the right amount of drama that has made this series to be one of the biggest successes on the OTT platforms.

Ozark: Season 4

The fans are eagerly waiting for the return of this drama franchise as this series has become one of the best on Netflix.

The fourth and final season of Ozark is divided into two parts.

The producers have given fans the release date of the first part, and this is set to be premiered on January 21, 2022.

The upcoming months will bring many new surprises for the viewers and reintroduce the viewers to some of the most awaited season backs of all time.

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