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The space industry has shown tremendous growth in 2019. The emergence and active participation of private players like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Boeing are going to be the major story for 2019. Particularly, the last week was quite eventful in the space industry. The last week saw several space-related developments, including one of the major launches of the year. The perfect ending to 2019 ensures even crazier 2020 waiting ahead. Here are some of the important developments in the space industry that you need to know.

Boeing’s Failed Mission 

Boeing’s recent failure is probably the saddest story in the year for space exploration. The highly anticipated launch was the first step from the American Space Agency to send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) from the country’s soil. Though most parts of the test were successful, the spacecraft could not dock to the ISS, owing to the failure of the clock system. The mission was a test flight, so it did not carry any crew with it. Boeing successfully landed the spacecraft back to the surface of the earth. 

The Launch of Falcon 9 from SpaceX

SpaceX’s recent launch of Falcon 9 was successful, but not as per the standard set by the company. In the last Monday’s launch, the mission accomplished every possible objective set by the company, except one. The company failed to catch the two fairing halves, and they landed on the ocean. SpaceX is hopeful of finding them, and use it in future mission after recycling. The company revealed that the reuse of the two halves would reduce the mission budget as high as 6 million USD.

Apart from these two launches, the European Space Agency recently launched a telescope-based satellite, which will study the already discovered exoplanets. The inputs from the satellite will provide large-scale information about the mysterious universe.

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