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Shanna Moakler is clarifying her statement which was about insulting Khloe Kardashian by calling her a “Donkey” back in 2009.

The former beauty icon, who is currently competing against Khloe’s ex-husband Lamar Odom on the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother, clarified why she called the 37-year-old Good American founder a ‘donkey’ during a 2009 appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

Shanna told her cast members Carson Kressley and Chris Kirkpatrick that she was speaking about Khloe’s sister Kim when she used the word “Donkey” with whom she was publicly feuding at the time.

Shanna said ‘I went to do The Wendy Williams Show,’ Shanna said on Friday’s episode of the CBS reality series. ‘She just asked, “Oh, are you going to attend Lamar and Khloe’s wedding?”‘

‘I thought she said Kim and I didn’t like Kim and I was like, “I’m not gonna go to that donkey’s wedding.”‘

She continued, ‘Right after I said it, I heard the audience [gasp] and was like, “What did I say?”‘

Shanna continued, ‘So when Lamar walked in I was like, “Oh my God, I hope he doesn’t remember that like I called his fiancée a donkey on TV.” And she didn’t deserve it and so, you know.’

Previously, Shanna explained her nervous reaction when Lamar walked into the house.

When Lamar Odom was seen joining the cast, Shanna appeared in a confessional and recounted the incident.

She said, ‘I absolutely regret it. It was not one of my finest moments at all and I really didn’t know her and I’m sure she’s actually an awesome girl.’

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