Netflix’s ongoing adventure into interactive TV, Trivia Quest, is an interactive series that allowed Netflix to cash in on the growing craze of everyday games like Wordle, Heardle, and others that have taken the internet by storm.
The show made its debut on April 1, 2022, and is dropping new episodes every day throughout April.

Unfortunately, this brand new interactive special doesn’t quite hit the mark. The foremost issue is that it isn’t readily available. To play, one must go “deep in the bowels of its sub-menus.” The show doesn’t feature in the gaming tab on the mobile app. Hence, unless the algorithm decides you’re a match, you’ll have no chance of catching this organically.

The show will have you answer a couple of questions that will take you to unlock new characters. Every day has different questions with both a standard and hard mode to complete. Since the whole show is about knowledge, the feature of going back to correct your answers is a sour point. After all, it isn’t about your ability to remember answers because that’s nitpicking.

The show becomes redundant as you’ll have to watch the same intro and listen to the same quips for each question which becomes tedious. Netflix declares that each episode will operate for around 9 minutes, although it can occasionally be longer.

This objection also spreads to Netflix’s suite of mobile games, it’s worth mentioning, which also work in their own solos. In some cases, there are leaderboards, although the likelihoods are you don’t even know what your username is on displayed leaderboards.

The representations package and voice lines are clearly aimed toward more youthful audiences, but the questions are challenging. On the first day’s quiz, you ask young audiences to learn about films released decades before their period.

In deduction, the interactive special appears to be hamstrung by the technology it’s using at present. It’s too exaggerated to be enjoyed every day and too short to be satisfying for a family get-together. Possibly in the future, if you’re playing in a living room, each family member can log in and finish the quiz together with their individual Netflix profile icons displaying alongside the answers they picked therefore making it a contest.


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