Air Pollution
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Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the existence of human life. But, specifically, air pollution has the largest share of impact on human beings. Previously, scientists were focusing more to determine the level of air pollution. Still, in recent years, the level of nitrous oxides and ozone are increasing in the air dangerously. 

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon studied the impact of the nitrous oxides and ozone on human species because of air pollution. In their research, they found that the increasing ozone and nitrous oxides level in the atmosphere is killing around 10,000 people across the world every year. 

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The Controversial Draft of Air Pollution

On the other hand, Trump administration is acting like a blind and refuses to admit the impact of air pollution. Recently, a private news agency published about a draft, and environmental activists start to worry about its implication. If the draft appropriately enacted, it will limit the existing scientific studies to determine air pollution. In contrast, all the agencies are investing a significant amount of sum in strengthening their research studies. These kinds of studies are essential for environmental protection and various health issues. 

Previously, scientists thought that air pollution affects the cardiovascular functioning and lungs of the human being. But with the development of science, now it is clear that air pollution affects the cognitive function of the human body. The impact is visible in the short term and long term as well. As the human body most exposed to the polluted air, it significantly affects the brain. As a result, people often work inefficiently and make multiple mistakes. 

Though these consequences of air pollution are not extremely dangerous in comparison to the other adverse effects, it affects the day to day life of a human. Therefore, Trump administration should take each step carefully, as one wrong move might cost his seat in the 2020 presidential election.

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