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On Monday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, leaves for London. There he will attain the NATO summit. But with that, you can see that Trump is now under pressure from Prime Minister of British Boris Johnson. The reason for this kind of pressure is due to the resistance by the US for the British election.

From earlier days, Trump got no restraint for showing support to Britain’s exit from the EU. It, too, led to the critiquing by all politicians who all want to exit from the European Union and now going for a Brexit debate.

How did all this start?

But now, as Johnson is leading in the recent pre-polls, he wants Trump to mind his guard rails. Due to all these things, it is now putting Trump in a wrong position, and he is trying to avoid all these things. 

With so many things are occurring, Trump has waded to this election during October. He said that the leader of opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn might be the wrong choice for Britain. He added by saying that Johnson, too, needs to get agree for a pact that is present by Nigel Farage, who is the Brexit Party leader.

Why this NATO summit extraordinary?

As the pressure is now coming from Johnson, one can see that the White House is in stress. A White House administration official confirmed it. He said that the President of the US is against all kinds of wading for the election of other countries.

Why is it demanded to remove him?

With all these things happening at a fast pace, it is seen that this NATO summit has now taken place at the right time. It is so as his removal from office talks are going on. The US House of Representatives is asking to remove him for Ukraine issue and start an investigation for it too.

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