On Thursday, Donald Trump asks the Supreme Court of the US to keep his financial report secret. After that plea from Trump, the things now seem to be going out of hand. As Democratic-led Congressional panel now gone for a major clash between the government branches. 

On November 13, Trump has gone to the justices. The court will not re-visit for October decision where they back the House of Representatives Oversight Committee’s authority. The committee oversees all the records from Mazars LLP, which is an accounting firm of Trump. 

What Supreme Court states?

As things are going haywire every day, it was seen that on November 25, the Supreme Court of the US had put a stay on the case. After that, the court gave the stay order, so it buys time for Trump to file his appeal in court by Thursday. 

One can see that the case is going on; it shows how important it is for the top US court has the power of the presidency with Congress. As per trump lawyers, they state that the case is the first case where Congress has gone for Subpoenaed personal records. 

What Trump demand from court?

Congress is going after the current president’s financial data of Trump. However, Trump has already asked the Supreme Court to review the New-York federal appeals. In the appeal, it asked about all the local prosecutors who all can enforce the subpoena. They, too, issued the Mazars demand about the personal record and corporate income tax returns of Trump. The data are from 2011 to 2019, and for that, Justices will be discussing it all on December 13, 2019. 

The Trump lawyers state may ask for a stay order for Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp details. 

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