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In a recent development, President Donald Trump signs two controversial bills in support of the ongoing pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. On the other hand, the Chinese foreign ministry criticized the United States’ move in powerful words. 

Previously, the Chinese officials were hoping a veto from the President, as President Trump raised some serious concerns over the bills. During an interview to a private news agency, President revealed that the United States stands with the people of Hong Kong. Still, they are also standing with President Xi, whom Trump described as an incredible guy. 

The first bill proposed sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese officials, who are responsible for the violation of human rights in Hong Kong. The law is subjected to annual reviews for further modifications. The second bill that signed by President recently prohibits the export of nonlethal munitions, such as rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, tasers, water cannons, and stun guns to Hong Kong police. 

In his statement, President Trump claims that the bills will amend the 1992 Policy Act between the United States and Hong Kong. Previously, the munitions bill passed in the Senate unanimously, while the human rights-related law got only one opposition. 

Response from China

During early November, the spokesperson from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang, claimed that the proposed bills would serve no good for the interest of the United States and China in Hong Kong. Geng also contended that the entire event is an internal matter of China; therefore, the United States required to refrain from interfering. He also warned that China would take active countermeasures if the country continues to interfere in the internal matter of China. 

The statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry termed the President’s signature on the bill as a hegemonic act. The report also warned the United States to take active countermeasures in response to the law. But, the statement did not clarify the measures that China is planning to take. 

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