It’s uncertain that any of us will enter or leave through that tiny “door” NASA spotted on Mars first of this month.

The space agency procured extra features about the rock on the Red Planet’s surface in a post this week and also that the entrance in the side of Mount Sharp is about 12 inches tall and 16 inches wide, indistinguishable in size from a dog door.

NASA’s Curiosity rover confiscated the introductory image utilizing its Mastcam, and the recent post sewed together more than 100 images into a wonky scenery that exhibits much more detail. The panorama is refined to resemble the color and brightness of the event as it would look to the human eye under regular daytime circumstances on Earth, NASA announced.

Curiosity has been surveying Mars’ surface characteristics for almost ten years, but it may not be on its own anymore.

According to SpaceX, the corporation wants to put boots on Mars within the next decade, and just this week, NASA previewed its agendas for what a 30-day crewed voyage to the Red Planet might look like. Two astronauts would revolve Mars in such a mission, whereas two others would go down to the surface and depend on supplies sent to the surface before their appearance. Given that SpaceX and Boeing developed a cargo-carrying ship that has made it into orbit and arrived at the International Space Station, the proposed 25-ton Mars supply lander isn’t so tough to imagine.

Someday soon, astronauts may laugh at the comically small Mars door in person.

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