Twitter might not have an edit button just yet, but Twitter is still delivering at least one helpful feature this week. The social media app is rolling out its new feature in which you can “Unmention” yourself from a tweet, and you can remove yourself from an unwanted conversation. The feature is limited to the Web for now, but you have to choose “leave this conversation” from a tweet’s options to avoid notifications for a chat you never wanted to join.

Twitter says This feature is available for some people today. However, It is unclear when the feature might be widely for everyone or when it might reach mobile apps. The text for the mention remains; it just does not send an alert.

Twitter has deployed or tested numerous features to keep mentions civil, including an anti-harassment Safety Mode that automatically blocks mean-spirited users. However, this might be one of the most practical. Twitter users often deal with unwanted mentions from spammers, friends, and others. This feature will give you more control over your participation and lets you focus on the chats you care about.

Twitter Safety tweeted: “How do you say “Don’t @ me,” without saying “Don’t @ me”?

We’re experimenting with Unmentioning—a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations—available on the Web for some of you now.”

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