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The all-new Twitter Blue or Twitter Subscription will now allow the users of Twitter to undo the Tweet and then also allows saving the tweet in the collections.

So, the Twitter Subscription service might have a name and a price. One of the reporter’s Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong claims that. It will be under the name of Twitter Blue and it will cost around $3 per month to the users. The option will allow the user to get to know the previously leaked information on Twitter. It allows the user to undo the tweets and the collections. That will allow the user to organize according to his/her wish.

Also, the service will be having a different set of tries with the extra features. Also, it is expected that the most expansive feature will be the clutter-free reading interface from Twitter’s recent Scroll acquisition.

With this, if everything goes right, then the strategy would not be surprising. It is also expected that Twitter will be setting a lower price to it with as many enthusiasts as possible. But in the end, the fans are ready to pay even more than the expected price. Moreover, with this, the Blue version of Twitter will help it to reduce the dependence of Twitter on ads. And will also steady its income.

But the main reason is that it will work on another matter. Till now most of the users are using Twitter for free but never know that now even the normal users may have to pay extra for experiencing better social networks.

As of now, it is ot confirmed that when will the feature of Twitter blue will come in working but one thing is for sure that somehow or the other there is a need for the users to pay the price.

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