In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, you’ll see Jasmin is getting engaged. And, Fateh is asking her just to forget about him. It’s already too late. Also, it’s her engagement day so she should focus there only rather than thinking about them and her future with Fateh. But we all know how badly Jasmin is in love with him. She is crazy for him. She says she won’t let him be anyone else’s. No matter what!


Fateh keeps on trying to explain that now her alliance gets fixed with Gippy so she should focus on him. She should move on in her life with Gippy. Jasmin says him to accept her love for him before it’s too late. Fateh says it’s of no use anymore, it’s already too late. But she is not ready to understand him at all. She only wants him for the rest of her life.

Udaariyaan Written Episode

On the other hand, Fateh knows that he started to feel for Tejo. But as we all know Jasmin has already lost her patience. And, at this point of time, she won’t be able to understand this. So, Fateh is only trying to tell her to move on in life rather than creating such scenes.

But there is no doubt, Jasmin is obsessed with Fateh. And, she’s not ready to understand that obsession is not what we call love. It’s something else. Fateh cannot tell her that he is in love with Tejo only. And, Tejo also feels the same for him.

It’s getting so difficult for him to convince Jasmin to move on. Jasmin, being the stubborn one, is not ready to understand things at all. She only wants Fateh. She is getting mad. She is losing her patience. Will Fateh be able to make her understand that it’s good for both of them to move on in their lives? Let me tell you what happens next!

Here, Jasmin finally cuts her wrist. This shocks everyone. They all rush towards her. Fateh lifts her in his arms and rushes towards the hospital to save her life. Seeing this Tejo thinks that they both are still in love with each other.

As per the current story, Tejo and Fateh have started liking each other or we can say, they’re falling in love with each other. Tejo and Fateh had some intimacy among the two. Fateh is guilty of that but Tejo is delighted thinking about him.

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