Nastya Kamenskykh, the Ukrainian singer, known professionally as NK, delivered an impassioned speech in perfect Spanish — on Thursday, April 21, during the Latin American Music Awards, calling for the Latin community to help Ukraine.

“Every country has a right to live independently,” said NK, who took the stage dressed in all white, a symbol of peace. “We all have the right to live under a sky in peace. We all have the right to liberty and happiness. That’s what Ukraine is fighting for now. That’s why we ask you to support Ukraine.”

Nastya Kamenskykh’s speech was not only a plea but an accusation.

“Right now, what is happening in my country is not only a terrible war. Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians, and this cannot go unpunished,” Nastya Kamenskykh said before appealing directly to music fans.

“If you only knew how [Ukrainians] love and listen to Latin music,” she said, her voice brimming with emotion. “Maluma filled a stadium in Kyiv, where I had the opportunity to open his concert and see how his fans sang with him. Rosalia filmed her video in Kyiv with a Ukrainian production company.”

Ukrainians, Nastya Kamenskykh added, might not understand a word Latin artists sang, but music, after all, is a global language.

Nastya Kamenskykh’s speech was met with a standing ovation and instructions on how to donate to support Ukraine.

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