For many days, there is a speculation about the changing of the Obama-era Iranian agreement. Now the same is going to happen as it is now confirmed by US President Donald Trump himself.

In a recent tweet in his official handle page, Trump tweet by saying that PM Boris Johnson’s idea of scrapping the age-old deal is a good sign. The deal was there since 2015, but now it will get replaced with a new deal.

The new deal that is going to replace the 2015 Obama-Iranian nuclear deal is with Trump’s Iranian deal. The design and negotiation are now going on from the people of Trump administration.

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Design the new Nuke deal: Johnson says

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson state in an interview that Trump must go ahead with his new Nuke deal. This statement came forward when Boris is having an interview with the BBC on Monday. He, to state, says that the US is a great counterpart and also the best deal maker.

When an interviewer asked him about who all lead this matter, he states that it is Trump who has to lead here. If you are too determine about getting rid of that all, then the Obama-era deal must go, and the Trump era deal must come into effect.

After the interview was telecast, Trump, in his Twitter account quote by saying that he agrees on all these points.

Why are all these things happening now?

Earlier this month, Trump orders to kill the General Qassem Soleimani of Iran for plotting terrorism. The US, too, succeed in killing him with the help of a drone, and since, after that, there is a verge of war situation between Iran and the USA.

Iran even fires missiles at US bases in the nearby areas, but no casualties are reported from it. For all these things, now Trump administration is focusing on other deals to handle the situation effectively.


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