The fourth episode of FX in Hulu’s crime series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ entitled ‘Church and State,’ follows the efforts of detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba to ensure the Lows and Stowes are safe from the wrath of unknown assailants. Pyre and Taba arrived at Lows’ home and discovered that the house had been broken into without the family’s presence. They came across a letter from Dianna, Ron’s wife, in the place, changing the investigation process. The thrilling episode concludes with detectives trying to locate a suspected murder suspect. If you want the same magnificent look, let us be your helper!

‘Church and State’ begins with Pyre and Taba trying to make sure no arrests have been made in their area. While inspecting the broken-down Lows home, they found a letter sent by Dianna to the Prophet Kimball regarding Ron’s anti-tax and anti-law actions. Contact Kimball’s office for more information, and you know that this book did not affect Ron and Dianna’s marriage. Pyre talks to Robin about the book and realizes that Dan is the one who spreads the ideas that are illegal in the family.

Dan entered the sheriff’s competition to ensure the law did not interfere with the LDS Church membership agreements. Robin also informs Pyre of Dan’s desire to adhere to the principles and beliefs of the FLDS, including polygamy. Lafferty’s second eldest son even went to his wife Matilda to reveal his intentions for remarriage, but he was outraged. Dan, imprisoned for disobeying traffic laws, preached his fundamental beliefs to his brothers. Dan wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Joseph Smith, who had been married many times.

Although Pyre and Taba learned a great deal about the fundamental beliefs of the Lafferty’s, they failed to make the necessary connections to the murder of Brenda and Erica because of a lack of intent. Meanwhile, two witnesses informed the lead investigator that a green station wagon had appeared on the grounds of the Lows house, and the pyre confirmed that the car belonged to Ron. The detective, who had always accused Dan, began to speculate that Ron might have followed the same beliefs as his younger brother. While investigating Robin, Pyre asks him if Ron was attracted to Dan’s opinions before Dianna wrote the letter, to which he replies with conviction.

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