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On Tuesday night, you will be able to see the meteors storm, which is an infrequent event that occurs. This event is not a typical meteor shower as it is meteor storms were stargazers may get to see several meteors per second. According to the two meteor scientists, Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens, there is a chance of an all-out meteor storm in the upcoming alpha Monocerotid meteor shower. 

About the upcoming monocerotid meteor shower

In 1995 the events last occur when monocerotids meteor storm produced a rate of four hundred meteors per hour. After many years this time, it is expected that on the eve of 21st November, this may occur. The two meteor scientists who have been studying the meteor shower, Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens, reported that on 21st November unicorn meteor shower might happen as there is a good chance of this event taking place. However, still, they did not provide any guarantee about the happing of the game. 

On the website, the American Meteor Society explained that this meteor storm is unlike the other meteor outburst that lasts for several hours as vigorous activity from the alpha Monocertids is over within an hour and is easily missed. According to the American Meteor Society (AMS), it is forecasted that the outburst is going to take place on 21st November around 11:50 p.m. EST.

There is the best chance to see the potential meteor storm for the onlookers, and they should start looking for the shooting stars from 11 p.m. EST till midnight. AMS also said that the meteor might appear in bunches, and in a second two to three may be seen, and no activity may occur for an entire minute. They also said that if the outburst does not unfold, then people will be able to see up to ten sporadic meteors per hour. 

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