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Heartland is CBC’s popular Canadian family comedy-drama television series that debuted on October 14, 2007. The plot is based on the Heartland series written by Lauren Brooke. On March 29 March 29, 2015, the show became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history as it surpassed Street Legal by completing its 139th episode.

Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Nathaniel Arcand, Cindy Busby, Jessica Amlee, and Alisha Newton are cast.

With 15 seasons and 234 episodes in total, Heartland has beaten Global’s comedy Da Kink in My Hair with 513,000 viewers in a battle of two new series. In its first-season finale, Heartland attracted 625,000 viewers. The show also produced a Hudson spin-off that won the Best Web Series award at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers’ second annual Stinger Awards.

Directed by Murray Shostak, the storyline follows the lives of Amy Fleming and her elder sister Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris as they live with their grandfather Jack on his ranch, Heartland. It shows the struggles and hardships the family has to go through and how the tense environment brings them a lot closer than ever.

The latest season, i.e., the fifteenth instalment was released on October 17, 2021, and concluded on December 19, 2021, with ten episodes. The series has been part of the most popular shows among Netflix and is available in many regions worldwide.

For those living in the United Kingdom, the latest season will be available on the streaming platform on March 19, 2022. However, on an international level, the show has been quite hard to catch, as, at the beginning of 2022, Netflix internationally lost most of the show’s early seasons.

Fans residing in the United States have to wait for at least a year since Netflix Us has yet to receive the 14th season. Hence, we can expect to see season 15 of Heartland appear on Netflix US in early 2023 at the absolute earliest.

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