Netflix’s ‘Vampire Garden’ is a black anime created by Wit Studio (‘Spy × Family’). The scenes are centered on an imaginary world where humans and vampires live peacefully until a war between two parties changes everything. It marked the beginning of an enduring conflict that pushed humanity to its brink of extinction, after which they began to fight and regroup. Throughout the turmoil, the unexpected meeting of the vampire queen and the little girl led them to their hopeful pursuit of Paradise when the two groups could no longer form peaceful relations.

Vampire Garden Release Date Season 2: ‘Vampire Garden’ season 1 was released on Netflix on May 16, 2022. The first installment includes five episodes, each with a working time of about 24 to 30 minutes.

The show leaves a lot of room for another installment as it does not accurately describe what happened in the global conflict between vampires and humans. While in the post-credits forum, we get a glimpse of the place where people and vampires live together. But that does not necessarily mean that the world is somehow at peace again, as Momo and Fiine once visited a similar place in the first episode.

In Season 2, the show could finally provide an insight into the fate of the vampires’ clashes that have led to the mass deaths so far. While Momo may have found his Paradise, it seems unlikely that the two groups would soon be reunited with their former spouse and begin living together. Enmity may lead to the invasion of regions where vampires and humans have formed to coexist. Although Fiine dies in the first installment, being the queen of the vampire, the chance for her recovery will never be ruled out again.

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