Matching an alien shopping bag with guts rendered as glowing Cheetos, an unusual creature seized center stage in recent footage captured by a remotely operated vehicle deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Drifting through the sea in the midst of some 7,221 feet, approximately 2,201 meters, the ocean weirdo is undoubtedly an unknown species of sea cucumber, which had its innards on display in the new clip, clicked in March by an ROV investigating part of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument southeast of Honolulu. The ROV was drifting over an unexplored seamount at the Kingman Reef and Palmyra Atoll. At the same time, the operators spotted the creature, announced Megan Cook, the director of education and outreach at The Ocean Exploration Trust’s Nautilus Live.

“These are always so exciting and spectacular to see because — just, what an incredible animal,” Cook instructed Live Science.

Cook said that Several species in the Elpidiidae family have appendages that look like fins or sails that allow them to swim for short distances. This is a good adaptation that allows the sea cucumbers to enclose more ground and set a quest for modern grazing spots.

“To eat, the animal oozes across the seafloor, using its sticky tentacles — the leaf- or star-shaped red fringe around its mouth — to pick up a mix of sand and organic material, which it then brings to its mouth. The glowing “Cheetos” is the bright orange intestine seen inside the transparent creature then digests the organic material, excreting the non-edible sand.”

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