In 468 days in space, Buzz Lightyear spent the longest time in the area on a single machine. The catch is that, as Lightyear’s friend Woody can remind us of a hot moment, he’s a toy!

Whether it’s a toy or a space monitor, the beloved Lightyear is back in the popular conversation, with the Disney film “Lightyear” coming out now in theaters in particular.

Ever since it first appeared on our screens in 1995, it shouts “endless and beyond,” Sadly, strange young men, Lightyear’s antics have attracted young and old fans. Then in 2012, a partnership between NASA and Disney Parks invited Buzz Lightyear to tour as a space shuttle advocate for more than a year.

While we were in space, Lightyear showed us all that Woody was wrong, and yes, he could fly. The video below shows Lightyear in a window floating gracefully while watching the astronauts on STS-124 do their thing outside.

To keep up with his children’s audience, Lightyear helped NASA astronauts Greg Chamitoff and Mike Fincke below explain the concept of gravity in 2013. They put together a little joke about Lightyear’s famous “falling in style” line, demonstrating that everything falls into the world at the International Space Station. That includes astronauts, balls, and astronauts.

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