Vizio's New 40-inch TV 2022
source: Yahoo Finance

As everyone knows, this year has been lined up with the new PS5, Xbox Series X, or new PCs. So, if any one of the users is thinking of a new gaming pc and is also looking for a display upgrade. The user should go for the option of Vizio’s New 40-inch TV 2022 lineup. Also, the feature of the automatic game mode switching. With this, the high-end refresh rates were also limited to the costly gaming PCs. But this time, Vizio’s 1080p D40f-J TV is going on sale at Walmart for $228. Moreover, it supports VRR at up to 60 FPS. So, a game likes Cyberpunk 2077 can now run smoothly on the new PC.

Also, this time some of the V-series and D-series also support AMD FreeSync technology. Which enables the feature with compatible graphics cards. With this, Vizio’s latest M- and P-series also supports the same feature. The high-end TVs have the P-Series Quantum TVs have support for AMD FreeSync Premium with higher framerates and 120Hz 4K video.

The features roll out the lineups of the TVs. The latest is expected to launch in a few months. On the other hand, the new Vizio’s M55Q6-J TV has quantum dot tech, Dolby Vision HDR support, full-array LED backlighting, VRR, HDMI eARC. it also has the new voice remote and is currently listed at Walmart for just under $500.

The TV will be available with Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Costco. Till now the launch date for Vizio’s New 40-inch TV is still unknown. But on the other hand, one thing is confirmed that the new TV will launch with the VRRthat will be less than $250.

It is also expected that the new Vizio’s New 40-inch TV 2022 will cost around $800 from July month. The expected Vizio’s New 40-inch TV is to come with the expendables features that never the audience had witnessed in any of the Vizio’s TV.

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