One person killed, and many got critical injuries in a recent volcanic eruption in New Zealand. The incident happed on the White Island of New Zealand. Officials could not figure out the exact number of missing and injured people during the unfortunate incident. 

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, John Tims, claimed that several people might die due to the magnitude of the volcanic eruption. In another setback, the authorities canceled the rescue operation, as it is dangerous to enter the island for the rescue services. Authorities took the help of various boats and emergency aircraft to rescue around 23 people. Most of the survivors damaged their skins due to severe temperatures. Authorities believe that around 50 people were present on the island during the incident. As a result, the death tally might increase in the future. 

A spokesperson from the Royal Caribbean Cruises revealed that multiple people were present on the island at the time of the incident. In this time, people often visit the island to enjoy the sea beach and watching birds, the spokesperson added. He asked everyone to pray for those who were present on the place during the volcanic eruption. 

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More about the Volcanic Eruption

The island suffered from the first volcanic eruption since 2001. The official earthquake agency of New Zealand, GeoNet, suggests that the eruption started at around 2:11 p.m. in the local time on Monday. The organization also revealed the presence of people on the island just before the eruption. Therefore, the organization issued concerns over the safety of those people. 

An expert believes that the duration of volcanic eruption was short when the ashes pump to 12,000 feet into the sky. The National Meteorological Service of New Zealand confirmed the happenings. The organization also posted satellite images of the irruption on the microblogging site Twitter. 

Initially, authorities found around 20 injured people, but the tally is going to increase over time. 

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