Henry cavil played a major role as Geralt in the Witcher series and was one of the most desirable characters. Not only does he wholly embody the character perfectly of Geralt of Rivia, but the performer is a professed lover of the original material, which has percolated into his interpretation; not only this, he has also been vocal about the story honouring author Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy world. But unfortunately, the news broke the versatile actor was departing the series in its fourth season, bringing sadness to the hearts of the people who truly admired his acting. It was impossible to imagine someone other than cavil playing the role of Geralt in the series. But breaking the stereotype, Liam Hemsworth replaces the Geralt character played by cavil.

The recently updated poster of Liam dressed up in the character of Geralt had made a remarkable impact on the audiences through its splendid editing effect. Hemsworth dons Geralt’s signature armour and his iconic white hair. The result is good of what could reach when Hemsworth takes over the role. To watch Liam watch in this character, we need to wait for season four and season 3 has already been wrapped this 2023 by the character played by henry cavil. 

Interestingly there has yet to be any basic reason for replacing the actor for the character of Geralt. But rumour has it the conclusion was made due to Cavill’s wish to depart the show. There has been a lot of assumption about Cavill leaving the show due to his problems with the show ranging away from the original materials that boosted him and the show. The realise of season 4 has yet to be decided, but most probably, Netflix will release it in late 2024 or 2025. 

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