AMC’s top-rated apocalyptic serial drama, The Walking Dead, is on its way to concluding its eleventh and final season. Since October 31, 2010, the show has been running and released ten seasons with 164 episodes.

The show’s final season began airing on August 22, 2021, releasing eleven episodes. The previous episode, “Rogue Element,” was aired on March 6, 2022.

The Walking Dead is a top-rated franchise based on the American post-apocalyptic comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman. The plot takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The series focuses on sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who rouses from a coma. While unconscious, the world has been taken over by walkers. He becomes the commander of a group of survivors from the Atlanta, Georgia, region. They try to sustain and defend themselves against invasions by walkers and other groups of survivors inclined to use any means to stay alive.

The plot is set in a universe where the human population is infected by an untreatable virus that turns humankind into flesh-eating monsters known as “walkers.” The mutation is triggered after the death of the pathogen’s host, and the only way to permanently exterminate a walker is to sabotage its brain or destroy the body entirely, such as by cremating it. The show is a massive franchise that has released and reported six franchises and numerous video games.

As per sources, the cast and crew had finally wrapped filming the final scene, and everyone said their goodbyes to the characters they were leaving behind. The director, Greg Nicotero, who had been supervising the last season, shared his feelings about the wrap-up and posted a heartwarming farewell.

According to him, the final episode of the series will have the perfect amount of energy and feeling that will be an ideal closure for the fans. Along with the cast, the fans who have been enjoying the journey for the past twelve years are also emotional seeing the end of their beloved show. While many are eagerly anticipating the spin-offs, most are said to say goodbye to the original.

Greg also talked about his plans regarding the franchise. From his enthusiasm, we can tell how much he is attached to this show and is doing his best to bring a magnificent ending to a well-deserved story. For further updates, stay tuned.


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