Guillermo del Toro is getting closer to making his next live-action film after winning the Animated Feature Oscar for Pinocchio on Sunday. According to the sources Oscar Isaac, Mia Goth, and Andrew Garfield are in the early stages of negotiations to appear in del Toro’s Frankenstein on Netflix. Del Toro has been performing on the Frankenstein project for a while and has long wanted to make a movie about the well-known Mary Shelley novel. Whether his version would be set in modern times or the past is still being determined.

What comes next for Moon Knight and Oscar Isaac?

Even though Moon Knight’s first season ended nearly a year ago, there have been few hints that the MCU character might return. The first season of Moon Knight ended with Marc and Steven defeating Arthur Harrow and ending their debt to Khonshu. On the other hand, Jake could not be happy to carry on Khonshu’s work. The acclaimed filmmaker’s artistic molds on horror and genre projects have earned him a reputation, so it will be fascinating to witness where he takes another definitive monster story.

Combination Of Best Star-Cast!

There can be no doubt that del Toro is bringing together three of Hollywood’s most valuable actors with the trio of names attached. Isaac recently starred in HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage, for which he was nominated for an Emmy. He was also recently cast in Hell town, a crime thriller directed by Edward Berger, who also directed All Quiet on the Western Front. In addition, Garfield received an Emmy nomination for his work on the television series Under the Banner of Heaven. Recently, it was made public that he and Florence Pugh will star in Studio Canal’s upcoming romantic comedy. Additionally, She and Alexander Skarsgard recently appeared in the sci-fi horror film Infinity Pool.

It seems like it will be a deadly combination, and the movie will be a blockbuster on the streaming platform Netflix.

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