Barrister Babu episode

Barrister Babu, the show is touching the highest TRP. The story is now really going well. People are always curious and excited to know what will happen next in the upcoming episode. There’s no doubt, the makers and creators of the show are doing it so well. Coming on to the latest updates and story of the upcoming episode of the show.

Barrister Babua

Well! In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, you’ll see Bondita aka Vaijayanti and Anirudh finally become friends. On the last day of Vaijayanti’s education, she does something that made Anirudh laugh. It was quite shocking for all that in the last 8 years, nobody has seen him even smiling. But this girl literally made her laugh.

Barrister Babu Latest Episode

Vaijayanti asks him why you were laughing like that rather than getting angry and scolding her. She further says I know you won’t gonna answer me as usual. But Anirudh says since it’s your last day, you’ll get all your answers today. Vaijayanti is happy to hear this. But before telling her the reason, he surprises her by asking that Will she be his friend?

Vaiajayanti couldn’t believe what he just said. She asks him to repeat. Anirudh says, Will you be my friend Vaijayanti? Bondita goes really happy from the bottom of her heart. She says, of, course she will be his friend. She will be his best friend and will never leave him in any situation, no matter what! Suddenly, Bondita sees Thakurma at the railway station when she was with Anirudh only. She gets worried but then hides somehow.

Finally, Anirudh and Vaijayanti are friends. He leaves her and goes back to his mansion. Bondita also goes back to her home. She is not able to stop herself from thinking about Anirudh. She decides that this won’t be difficult further to reunite Bondita with Anirudh again.

She is happily dancing thinking about the love of her life, Anirudh. Chandrachur sees her dancing like a mad. He doubts what’s there that she is so happy. He decides to get to know the reason behind her happiness.

On the other hand, in Roy Chaudhary’s Mansion, Trilochan Kaka asks Vaijayanti he wants her and Anirudh to get married. Also, he says he is going to ask for this alliance from her parents. Sampurna also wants the same. Vaijayanti says she cannot marry him. She didn’t think anything like that about him. She stops them by saying her parents are out of town for 3-4 days. Let’s see how Vaijayanti will stop Trilochan Kaka to meet her parents for the marriage.

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