Kaleidoscope, a brand-new Netflix original heist series, stands out because viewers can view the episodes in any chronological order. Eight episodes, each with a different colour name (black, green, yellow, blue, violet, orange, red, pink, and white), are themed after a kaleidoscope. “Black” serves as a brief synopsis of Kaleidoscope as a show. Every other episode of Kaleidoscope is set around the heist that is the central plot point of the series and occurs in the episode “White.” The perspective of RJ and Roger is shared in Kaleidoscope episode 4, “Blue,” where the events of the impending heist change their lives.

RJ is the “wheel man,” which means that in addition to controlling the getaway car and ensuring the armoured truck has the necessary clearance to enter the building and reach the vault, he is also in charge of driving the vehicle used to get the getaway location. Most other crew members quickly discount his expertise because it seems technical. RJ seeks Leo’s approval or the approval of anyone to find value in his participation in the potential $7 billion heist. RJ tries to convey good news about his involvement in the upcoming caper, but every member quickly rejects him.

In Kaleidoscope episode 4, he clarifies that his only concern is letting everyone know how deceitful Roger is. His position on the crew saddens RJ, but he is also saddened by the realization that too many people know his past. In Kaleidoscope episode 5, “Violet,” Roger served as Leo’s right-hand man and assisted in deceiving victims into believing they were safe while Leo stole items behind the scenes. When Roger learns he is being blackmailed, he becomes more determined to keep his past life hidden. It doesn’t follow, however, that sending an aide to murder someone else will necessarily end all of his problems. Roger could have taken this opportunity to accept that he shouldn’t resort to evil tactics to live his life; however, he digs in further to avoid any potential fallout. The next episode, “White”, will be the final episode in your watch-through to the series.

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