You’ll be excited to know that Netflix provides a selection of comedic horror movies if that’s your vibe. You can watch the brand-new Anthony Mackie and David Harbour series ‘We Have a Ghost’ premiering on Friday, February 24.

Official Synopsis of ‘We have a Ghost’:

The Netflix film is based on Geoff Manaugh’s short story ‘Ernest’. Ernest is the ghost’s name in the film, much like the ghost in the original story.

Frank and Kevin walk into a spooky mansion. Kevin plans to start a YouTube channel to share Ernest’s story, making the entire family famous online. But, it soon became clear that Ernest was hiding some deadly secrets. The CIA ends up making Kevin and Ernest their target as he begins to learn the truth about this ghost. What events did Ernest participate in while still alive? What does this indicate for the entire family and their new home?

‘We Have a Ghost’ star cast: 

We have a ghost has an amazing star cast to highly entertain the audience:

  • David Harbour portrays the central character, Ernest, the Ghost.
  • Anthony Mackie as Frank, the patriarch.
  • Jahi Di’Allo Winston as Kevin, Frank’s son
  • Tig Notaro portrays one of the government agents chasing the ghost.
  • Jennifer Coolidge will develop into a medium working only on television.
  • Faith Ford 
  • Niles Fitch
  • Steve Coulter

Christopher Landon wrote the script, also acknowledged as the director. Landon fans are already aware of his work because Happy Death Day 2 U and Freaky are two cult classics of the horror genre. His task doesn’t start there, though. He is also recognized for his writing contributions to Paranormal Activity, one of the most successful horror franchises.

‘We have a Ghost’ will be released on February 24, 2023, on Netflix.

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