Episode 2, entitled ‘Part Two,’ opens with Wayne Jenkins being placed as an FBI agent. She is thinking about her early days with BPD. The flashback sequence reveals that Jenkins took the idea of ​​doing things his way at the beginning of his career without paying much attention to the principles and procedures. He also learns about the high crime rate in Baltimore and recognizes the need for brutal police on city streets. Meanwhile, Jenkins is threatening GTTF colleague Jemell Rayam to shut up.

In the interrogation room, FBI agent Erika Jensen begins questioning Rayam. Going back to 2015, after the death of Freddie Gray, Kevin Davis was appointed as Commissioner and talked to the GTTF and other non-uniformed officials. Davis assures his organization that he will support his superiors in the sector if they use harsh methods and warn them to be compassionate.

However, Davis is outraged by Jenkins’ rebellious attitude during the meeting. Elsewhere, Aaron Anderson is being interrogated by Detective David McDougall and Jensen. He revealed Antonio Shropshire and his relationship with a man named G Money.

Meanwhile, Harford County police have launched a telephone call campaign against Momodu Gondo. Soon, McDougall and Jensen realize that “G Money” is Gondo’s street name. Therefore, his suspicion that BPD was involved with the Shropshire drug racket. Meanwhile, Jensen is still talking with Rayam, who reveals more about the GTTF robbery at Anderson’s home, where they seized money and drugs. The incident shifts to 2015 as Nicole Steele investigates Daniel Hersl of the GTTF and talks to one of Hersel’s victims of violence. At the same time, Sean M. Suiter launches a murder investigation.

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