“We Crashed,” which starred Jared and Anne, does not seem to have paid the profits back to the investors.

Adam Neumann can be added to the list of fast-talker hustlers who are reported to have built elaborate and vast empires, only to watch them come crashing down. Similarly, the house of cards is” WeWork,” which can quickly go from a single coworking space to a global operation worth more than billions before its downfall becomes inevitable.

Beginning in the year 2019, “WeCrashed” seems to have flashed back a dozen years to chart Neumann’s rise, coming along with the courtship and marriage to Rebekah (played by Hathaway). She has been his match in terms of the evangelical zeal that she seems to have brought to the enterprise. Indeed, she is said to have depicted coins the idea that ‘WeWork’ is not just a mere business. But it’s a feeling’ while talking about “the company’s soul.”

Still, there seems to be a tired, perpetual, expected, and repetitive quality to how the episodes unfold. Neumann can be seen spouting mantras like ‘Built to grow’ and buying the market share while the company seems to have been hemorrhaging money. The trick is to stay one step ahead of the board, finding new deep-pocketed investors he can beguile on, not minding what the balance sheet seems to say.

Hathaway seems to lower her voice while turning up the intensity as in the character Rebekah, who is said to have faced a dispute over her children’s school and then impulsively decides to start one of her own. When one of her friends asks her, “Is Adam for real?” her assurance is that he is true, which seems quite delusional.

“We Crashed” aired on the 18th of March on Apple TV+.

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