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Archive 81 has created quite the hype among horror lovers. The series is being watched on repeat since its release on the online streaming platform Netflix.

This series might be the first horror must-watch of 2022. It has everything a typical horror needs, there is a compelling premise, a ton of jump scares, and found footage.


It’s no wonder Netflix viewers are talking about the synopsis of the series. Archive 81 sees archivist Dan restoring tapes that interest him in the history of the burned-down apartment over a century ago. Of course, there going to be more depth beneath the surfaces of the documented history. The tapes also cover a suspicious fire in the same building in the early 20th century, adding to the fact that Dan’s family also died in a fire. Dan digs deeper into the fire-ravaged tapes in a remote facility, it’s clear that he is not alone and the dark and shadowy forces are lurking just out of sight.

The new release of Netflix is gathering a lot of appreciation from fans as well new viewers.

One fan said, “Archive 81 has me totally f*** up, I haven’t gotten chills like this from just watching something scary in a while.”

Another said, “The show is too scary and I had to take a break.”

One hooked viewer also shared his review saying “I haven’t stopped thinking about it… this how will dig under your skin until you’re not sure what’s real. It’s really f***ing good.”

A horror journalist gushed over the same, Michelle Swope said “No idea what’s going on, but it definitely gives off Hereditary, The Omen, and Rosemary’s Baby vibes so far, this is totally my kind of show.”

So far so the good representation of the show leaves us no choice but to watch it join the tribes of horror discussions. Hopefully, you have a new series to binge for while.

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