Kal Penn is an actor and former White House staffer. He is known for his roles in productions like Kumar and House and Harold. On this Sunday, Kal Penn opened up about his relationship and sexuality for the first time in an interview.

Net Worth of Kal Penn.

Kal Penn’s net worth is estimated at about 10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.
He did his first debut in 1998, and he got his first major role in the 2002 flick National Lampoon’s Wilder. Then he starred in 4 different movies in the following years. After that in 2004, he did Harold and Kumar GO to White Castle was released and quickly it became a cult classic. This franchise garnered two sequels. Which made him well-known in the early 2000s.

What is Kal Penn’s marital status?

In an interview published on Halloween morning, Kal Penn revealed that he is gay and engaged to Josh.


Did Kal work for Obama?

Throughout 2007 & 2008, Kal Penn advocated for Obama on his campaign trail. He served as a member of the former president’s NAPC. Kal Penn became the Principal Associate Director in the white house Office of Public Engagement in 2009.


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