iPhone 12 Mini Disaster
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According to the sources of the Galaxy Reporters, Apple is going to cut the production for the iPhone 12 mini by 70% in the global market that will imply a huge loss to Apple in the future. As we all know that after the launch of the iPhone 12 in the market gave a big riotous success to Apple but out of the 4, one model brought some amount of sales down to the market.

So, let’s know that What Is The Apple iPhone 12 Mini Disaster For Slashing The Production?

Moreover, the iPhone 12 mini sales have not been successful in the market and have still not enjoyed market success like the other 12 models and everyone knew that a 5.4 inches mobile phone is still not a mobile phone that the users will prefer as the competitors in the market a providing a phone that is more inches like the other iPhone models.

According to the sources of the Galaxy Reporters, the latest news for the iPhone 12 mini is declining in the market and is claiming that Apple is stopping the manufacturing of the iPhone 12 mini in the market and moreover Apple has planned to cut off the production to the 70% in the six months through June. moreover, some of the reports also claim that mini drops the sales chart by 20%, and in context to that Apple is adjusting its production plans for the mini version.

As iPhone 12 didn’t reach the podium of the sales by the year and the chances of increasing the sales of this iPhone is less than the other models and the company is sawing that people are swapping the mini model for the other models of the iPhone 12.

Now the question may arise in the minds of the users that why the iPhone 12 was not a hit in the market

So, the user can assume that the iPhone 12 mini was not a hit in the market, and by seeing this the company increased the production of the other iPhones models in the market and the user now may ask that what were the actual reasons that the company stop the production or for the fewer sales of the device in the market.

As we all know that in today’s world there is no one who likes the phone which is less than the 6 inches in the market and the users like the phones of 6 inches or more than that but the iPhone 12 mini was the model with the 5.4 inches in the market and now the preference of the users has changed a little bit than earlier.

But the mobile phone might rise in the market in which the people like the small size phones that can easily fit in the markets and iPhone 12 is cheaper but not very cheap in the market and the same thing is at $699 but the model is not the cheapest in the market against the iPhone SE that is priced at $399 in the market and moreover, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR remained in the markets for the lineups and the both of the mobile phones are cheaper in the market.

And in reality when we speak about the price then it comes to the result at there is only a $100 price difference between the iPhone12 and the mini version.

And with all this, there is also the speaking of the iPhone 12 mini’s small battery in the market and due to that, the battery life of the mobile phone is not so good as compared to the other iPhones.

That’s all was the article about the Apple iPhone 12 Mini Disaster

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