As we all know now Google has not updated most of the iOS apps owned by it for a long time and in order to avoid the problem between the users of the apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, and many others which are the iOS apps of the google from a few days ago are not working properly and the user of it are complaining about it. The users claim that the app is showing a notification for the updation but in reality, there is no such option in these apps and users are facing the problem a few days ago. Google iOS Apps

But now after the two days that is from Tuesday, the users are not able to see the notification as Google claimed that the notification was there because of a Bug.

Google said in a statement that “We’ve identified a bug and an update has been rolled out to resolve this issue,”

Ther users of the apps could see the notification in the notification panel whenever the user used to log in to a Google account. After the user has entered the g-mail address then the user might see a message showing that “You should update this app. The version you’re using doesn’t include the latest security features to keep you protected. Only continue if you understand the risks.”

And after the user has clicked on the continuation button then the user can use the app as normal just like before and moreover without the additional context the user is still worried about the latest version of the apps as they think that they are not using the latest version of the app.

Moreover, after the whole situation, google promised the users that they will update or repair the apps till the 12th of January and the latest news states that there is no message for the updates of the apps and Google has also promised that they will be launching the apps now with the apple security features just like it is there in the iOS 14.5.

Overall it was a bug created by google in the apps for some time but as of now there is no issue and the user can use the app just like in the old days.

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