The ninth episode of ‘Atlanta’ season 3 again draws attention to the story of its main characters and focuses on another independent level of cultural significance. The episode titled ‘Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga’ follows a high school principal, Aaron, who has trouble paying his college fees. However, an unexpected turn of events could be the answer to his financial woes. Naturally, viewers should ask themselves if Aaron gets the money to pay for his college studies. If so, here’s everything you need to know about the end of season 3 of ‘Atlanta’!

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Episode 9 opens with Aaron, a high school official, playing an online video game in his room. After the match, Aaron argues with his rivals. The argument leaves Aaron frustrated, and he leaves the game. Aaron checks the Arizona State College website before bed. The next day, Aaron’s father takes him to school. Aaron wonders if his parents will give him a car when he graduates. However, Aaron’s father explains their dire financial situation. Aaron is struggling to pay for an ASC college scholarship.

At school, Aaron meets his girlfriend, Katie. He asks Aaron if he has found a way to get into the ASC. Aaron reassures her that she has a plan and they will go to ASC together. However, Katie is not entirely sure. Later, the school holds a unique assembly day program for the graduating class. The principal invited Robert Shea Lee to address the students during the meeting. Robert is a wealthy black businessman who studied at the school. Robert announces donating $ 1 million to the school and changing its name to Robert S. Lee High School.

Robert also announced that he would pay for college tuition for all black graduates. Aaron feels betrayed and wants a scholarship. However, being racist and wholly black, Aaron has little chance of getting a scholarship, and the panel judges Aaron’s knowledge of African American culture. In the end, Aaron was denied a scholarship because he was not black. Plus, Katie breaks up with Aaron as they have no future together. As a result, angry Aaron decides to take drastic action against his school.

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