WhatsApp Payments
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WhatsApp Payments

As we all know that WhatsApp a few months ago only started rolling out the payments feature for the Android and iPhone users both. The payments feature in WhatsApp allows the user to use the UPI as the security for the payment on WhatsApp. The feature of WhatsApp Payments is very handy in use and till now it has not completely come to the use of all the users. And it’s not the thing that the user will update the app and the feature will be there as the feature is the side-rolling out feature and will come automatically in use of the user’s app. Now if the user has the option of the payments app in WhatsApp and is searching for the answer to the question that How to Send and Receive Money Using WhatsApp?

Then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will get to know all the details about the WhatsApp Payments feature. So, in order to understand the user need to follow the following steps:-

1. The first includes the case of sending the money. In this, the user has to first open the chat of the person to whom the person wants to send the money.

2. After opening the chat the user has to select the option of the pin which is present at the bottom right corner of the window or the option that allows the user to share the other things too.

3. In that list of options only the user will find the Payments options and by selecting that the window for the payments will get open.

4. At there the user has to enter the amount and then has to enter the UPI pin that the user enters in the other apps and the money will be sent to the user automatically through the UPI only.

Now the thing includes that from the sender the payment has been sent but how the receiver will get it. So, the process includes that:-

1. The user first needs to check the message of the payment that the sender has sent to him. And after that, the sender will check the account balance and if the account balance has been increased by the amount sent, then it will mean that the payment has been received and the thing is done.

The biggest drawback of WhatsApp payment is that it doesn’t have a wallet facility like Paytm and moreover doesn’t offer any type of cashback also. So, most people go for the use of the apps that provide the cashback offers as they help in earning more money.

And that’s all was the article about WhatsApp Payments and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How to Send and Receive Money Using WhatsApp?


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