Love is Blind Season 4 will soon be available on Netflix, so it’s time to dive into the pods after a blazing Season 3 and some extra episodes we witnessed a few weeks ago. Men and women from around the country will participate in an initiative once more where they will get to meet, find love with, and finally marry someone they have never met.

The official synopsis for the show:

“The dating show ‘Love Is Blind’ explores the concept of blind love featuring participants who will select a partner before ever meeting them. The concept involves participants meeting in pods, communicating through walls, and never coming face-to-face until they approve a wedding proposal in the pods. After this, the newly engaged couples will live with each other, plan their marriage, and decide whether their physical attraction matches the emotional relationship they built in the pods over many weeks. When the wedding day finally comes, will they marry the person they fell deeply in love with, or will they split up at the altar?”

Season 4 Love is Blind release date:

Fans of Love is Blind are lucky since the program will return on Netflix! The fourth season of Love is Blind will debut on March 24, 2023.

The full release date schedule is listed below:

  • Friday, March 24: Episodes 1–5 (Week 1)
  • Friday, March 31: Episodes 6–8 (Week 2)
  • Friday, April 7: Episodes 9–11 (Week 3)
  • Friday, April 14: Episode 12 (Week 4)

Even though the cast for Season 4 of Love is Blind hasn’t been revealed to the public, Netflix has released the first teaser. 

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