Catfish: The TV Show is a long-running webcam or multi-cam series that is hosted by the duo Kamie Crawford and Nev Schulman. Both have attracted audiences by performing the task of relaying and investing the truth about ongoing troubles within the relationship between two partners. The duo determines their virtual relationship whether the other participant is deemed a catfish or legitimate. In this show, some couples may have been communicating for a few years or a few months. 

If you are a casual watcher, a die-hard fan, or new to the show, you may have questions in your mind Where to watch Catfish: The TV Show? To know the answer, keep reading.

Where to watch Catfish: The TV Show?

The MTV show will not stream on HBO Max. This season the Catfish: The TV Show will get streamed on Hulu with a Paramount+ and premium subscription. The MTV network regularly airs this show as it is operated by Paramount. Suppose you have an Amazon account, then you can buy the complete seasons or purchase single episodes from all seasons. You can also find all eight seasons on the iTunes platform. 

Since 2012, Catfish: The TV Show has been aired and continued to air season 8 till now. All the seasons are worth watching. If you are a super fan of Catfish: The TV Show, then stay tuned to watch the new season’s premiere and get all the new updates. The MTV show’s new season premiere will be on Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. on Hulu. So, stay connected for more TV coverage and news.

Image Credit – MTV

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