You might wonder which Love Is Blind season 3 couples continue to be together and how they’re doing now if you saw the “After the Altar” special.

Are Brennon and Alexa still a couple?

During the third season of Love is Blind, the couple – Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux – got married. The pair is still together as of After the Altar’s Netflix premiere in February 2023.

Are Matt and Colleen still a couple?

The other married pair from the season was Matt and Colleen, who admitted their relationship in the After the Altar episode even though they have had and continue to experience many ups and downs. The couple remains married as of February 2023.

Are Raven and SK still a couple?

After breaking up at After the Altar in season 3, Raven and SK reunited. Season 3 of After the Altar, which debuted on Netflix earlier this year, showed they even got engaged. Sadly, nothing turned out as planned, although Raven and SK have split up.

Are Bartise and Nancy still a couple?

In the third season, the finale of Love is Blind, Bartise and Nancy became one of the three couples to split up. Nancy was all set to marry, but Bartise called it off. Recently, Nancy discussed the topic with Today and said she is dating again and has broken up with Bartise.

Are Cole and Zanab still a couple?

Cole and Zanab seemed to be the most passionate of all the couples. At the altar, Zanab yelled at Cole how he had treated her throughout the program and walked out. The two had not talked since Alexa’s birthday celebration or After the Altar.

The fourth season of Love is Blind will debut on Netflix on March 24. 

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