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Southern California marked four to five inches of snow during the last two days. As per the report, almost three inches of snow fell in close by Palmdale. The Southern part of California is fully covered with white snow due to which the place looks magnificent. The weather whiplash store that occurred in some parts of Southern California made the thanksgiving occasion most beautiful. This year Southern California is celebrating white thanksgiving due to the white snow. The Weather whiplash storm also helped in extinguishing the wildfire. 

About the White Thanksgiving

According to the Los Angeles Times report, the part of the Antelope Valley that is at the western tip of the Mojave Desert was dumped up to eight inches of snow by the weather whiplash storm. The authorities told the outlet about the white thanksgiving experience as the snow helped in the process of extinguishing the blaze. There was no loss of any lives or any property as the snowfall extinguishes the fire.

Bill Patzert, the climatologist, notices a significant departure of the weather from the condition that was earlier to this month. He also said that this weather whiplash is due to an abrupt change in weather conditions like from hot and dry to unusually frigid. Other parts of Southern California were drenched due to the weather whiplash storm that made intense downpours. The rain stopped ended on Thursday morning after twelve hours of rain. Los Angeles Basin viewed half an inch to one-fourth inch of rain

The snowstorm brought excitement and dismay for the people in California as some people were pleased, and some were scared due to the unexpected and heavy snowfall. But the place looks immense beautiful with the white snow that is covering some parts of California. 

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