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We all know Aisha Sultana has caught up in the sedition case. The filmmaker Aisha Sultana is being questioned up for the same. Aisha is residing in Kochi and all this interrogation is going on in her Kochi’s residence only. On Thursday morning, a team of 5 police inspectors reaches Aisha’s Kochi residence to interrogate her up along with Kavarrati SI. On this, Aisha tells that the police arrived at her residence for the interrogation process without even informing her in advance for the same.

Aisha Sultana

During a channel discussion when Aisha made some remarks and comments, Aisha didn’t even get to know but this all caught her in great trouble for the sedition charges. Aisha was in Lakshadweep only when all this happened and the Lakshadweep unit only filed a case against her.

Who Is Aisha Sultana

Aisha rather than enjoying on the island is getting interrogated for this sedition case. Now, Aisha’s financial transactions are on the trace. Also, there are doubts if somebody is helping her or something like that.

After getting interrogated twice therein Lakshadweep only, Aisha is finally allowed to move from the island. Earlier she was not allowed to leave from there. The police have now granted permission to Aisha and she can move. For three good days, Aisha got interrogated in Lakshadweep for this sedition case on her.

The last time the police interrogated Aisha Sultana on Thursday at 9:45 AM. It was the third time when Aisha was getting interrogated for the same. When the police came to ask things to her on Thursday, Aisha tells the media that when it was all done on Wednesday only.

The police have already taken the statement on Wednesday and it was all summed up. She didn’t get the thing why she again interrogated for the sedition case on Thursday again. Aisha further reveals that the police is doubting her if she has some links with the other countries too.

Not only this but also the police is checking all her account details and call logs too. Her social media accounts are also being checked by the police. The Wednesday interrogation was quite long enough and it went till late in the evening.

It has been said that Aisha on the Lakshadweep island violated covid policies and also she talked to a covid positive person. This is not acceptable at all when we all know how critical the situation is.

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