Nurit Yitzhak, this name has been grabbing a massive amount of buzz all over the globe, she is all over social media and news channels. Many of you might be wondering why. And who is she? Well, this news article is all about Nurit Yitzhak, who is she and why is she trending all over.

Nurit Yitzhak

Hamas terrorists in Gaza held Nurit Yitzhak, an Israeli citizen, hostage amid the ongoing Israel and Gaza War. Lately, Hamas released the information that they are freeing Nurit Yitzhak and another woman named Yocheved Lifshitz under humanitarian grounds.

Who is Nurit Yitzhak?

Thus since then Nurit Yitzhak has been topping the trending charts all over social media and everybody else talking about her.

Hamas released both of these women on humanitarian grounds through mediation by Egypt and Qatar, and they released them immediately after Egypt and Qatar mediated the release of 2 American citizens. The ongoing Israel-Gaza fight has been causing a massive amount of tension all over the globe.

Intel Corporation’s Yield Engineer, Nurit Yitzhak, was captured and kept hostage by the terrorist organization Hamas. Her release, along with other hostages’ release from Hamas, has now become a major turning point in this ongoing war. According to Nurit Yitzhak’s social media profile, she appears to be a true patriot, proud of the IDF. She also appears to be a person filled with positivity and happiness.

Reports suggest that Nurit’s release can be a turning point in this war because it can possibly open the doors of discussion between Hamas and Israeli authorities. Hamas released both of them citing Humanitarian grounds, thus it seems that Hamas is now trying to soften a bit and open for talks. Although, it was Hamas, which started the attack and barbarically attacked and killed innocent Israelis.

Israel didn’t take this attack lightly and responded quickly and gave strict responsive fires. Israel is now continuously attacking the terror headquarters in Gaza, reports suggest it has killed a good number of Hamas militants and its leader. Israel is now on a mission to sweep away all the militants from Gaza and restore peace in the Middle East. We are closely monitoring the ongoing situations in the Middle East, so stay tuned with us. For all the latest news, updates, and information stay tuned with us.

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