One of Netflix’s Spanish most popular mystery thriller series, Who killed Sara? (‘¿Quiénmató a Sara?’ Spanish Title) is soon returning for its third season.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the third season of the series since the first and second seasons of “Who Killed Sara?” received terrific responses from viewers.

Filming for ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3 is currently underway, but still, there’s good news for the fans that their wait is almost over as Netflix dropped the official date for the third season release.

Netflix officially confirmed it would be released on June 1, 2022, stated by My Imperfect Life.

The series is full of twists, mystery, turns, and suspense. Even after the two seasons, viewers are still clueless about Sara’s murderer.

Season 2 finished off with many cliffhangers left unaddressed in the second Season. Fans expect the truth to be revealed in the upcoming season, but there might be some chances that the series will get another season, and Season 3 will also leave us clueless about Sara’s death.

Previously, during an interview with Esquire, Carolina Miranda, who Played Elisa Lazcano
revealed that everyone asks her who killed Sara?

She said, “Everybody tells me, at a party, like we are drinking and when they see that I’m having fun, it’s like, ‘Oh, by the way—who killed Sara?'”

Carolina added, “And it’s like, come on, I can’t say anything. My mother would say that to me too. Like, ‘I’m your mother. You need to tell me because I’m your mother.’ [Laughs].’No, mother, come on, it’s my work!'”

However, she suggested the future of her character in season 3. She said, “Thinking about Elisa, I would like that Elisa becomes crazy and discovers everything, and now she can be the bad character in the story and she loses all the justice and the truth, and the good person that Elisa is,” she said. “It could be interesting to see the other side of Elisa, that it’s not always a good person. It could be the bad person in the Third Season. But I don’t know! I’m not the writer.”

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