Recent news from Iran has grasped a massive amount of stir all over social media and media. The saddening news is about the tragic passing away of a 16-year-old teen girl named Armita Garawand. Armita was a 16-year-old student in Tehran, tragically passed away after a month-long battle in the hospital following an incident on Tehran’s metro. This news has been creating a great amount of buzz all over social media. In this article, we will dive deep into this news story and will tell you all about this case. Stay tuned till the end to know about her.

Armita Garawand

Armita’s story grasped a massive amount of attention when the Kurdish-focused rights group Hengaw reported her critical condition. The reports claimed that she had been severely injured during an incident on the underground train network. Many media reports from all over the globe assured about this claim about Armita being assaulted in a metro train network. Reports claim that she was assaulted badly by the so-called morality police of Iran.

Although, Iranian authorities are stating that Armita’s medical crisis was due to a sudden drop in blood pressure and denied any physical or verbal altercations, human rights organizations alleged that she had been assaulted by members of Iran’s morality police. They are showcasing a different story, but all over the world is widely known how women are being treated in Iran.

This barbaric incident is similar to the tragic and painful death of Mahsa Amini, another young Iranian Kurd, who was brutally killed, after being arrested by the morality police for an alleged violation of Iran’s stringent hijab for women, sparking widespread protests across the nation and all over the globe.

The Iranian government has been called out globally for being misogynist and wrongdoers for women. It’s been known globally now, how Iranian authorities have made stringent rules and regulations for women and how women are struggling there for equality and basic rights.

Women all over Iran have been protesting and fighting their fight against the Iranian regime and they are always being terrorized by the authorities and their defense forces. Many women are killed in Iran on a daily basis and the media of Iran doesn’t report such incidents because of the dictatorship of the Iranian regime. Our news portal is a free speech zone, here we publish news that needs to be heard by the masses. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.

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