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Running is one of the most simple and accessible activities. Its advantages are numerous, including favorable effects on the heart, brain, muscles, bones, and so on. It may also be used to reduce weight, feel more energized, or simply have fun, making it an excellent kind of exercise for one’s general health.

However, like with any new habit that includes a lot of physical activity, runners must also adopt specific nutritional changes that not only help sustain the habit but also improve performance. Running is classified as a high-impact workout, which means that your foot carries around three times your body weight during each stride, putting strain on your bones.

Almost all calcium, or 99 percent, is stored in bones and teeth, emphasizing the importance of calcium in bone health. Menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause all raise calcium requirements, which tend to rise as you age or endeavor to improve your performance.

Those who routinely engage in high-impact activity, such as jogging, are also at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones grow weak and fragile to the point that a simple act like jogging might result in a fracture. And if you work out for more than seven hours each week, your chances of getting osteoporosis rise.

Women’s calcium requirements:

An adolescent aged 14 to 18 needs 1,300mg of calcium per day from food and supplementation. An adult aged 19 to 70 requires 800mg-1000mg of calcium per day.
* A pregnant or breastfeeding woman’s calcium requirements increase to more than 1,300mg of calcium per day.

*The elderly (those over the age of 70) require more calcium, up to 1,300mg per day.

Your calcium requirements as a runner are likely to be greater than the norm — between 1,000mg and 1,500mg, depending on your fitness objective.

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