The highly anticipated movie with one of the most heartwrenching ends has put the audiences in darkness due to the death of the most loved Tony stark. Here’s why directors Joe and Anthony Russo chose to kill off Robery Downey Jr’s Tony Stark/Iron Man instead of Chris Evans’ Captain America in Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame concluded the 22-film Infinite Saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Towards the end of the movie, the makers made the most popular MCU character, Tony Stark as the Ironman, die sacrificing while trying to save the entire universe.

Many had expected Chris Evans’ Captain America to make the ultimate sacrifice. From the beginning, he has been a man who is ready to give his life for others, put everything on the line, and is, in effect, the most righteous superhero. Joe Russo, who co-directed Endgame with his brother Anthony, has revealed why they chose to kill off Tony.

Russo said that Cap’s sacrifice appeared too obvious to impact the audience emotionally, and it would’ve been something you’d expect him to do. The creators wanted a rather impactful ending to drown the audience in sorrow.

“If you think of Captain America as a character, you go ‘Okay, Captain America dying is fairly obvious,’ right? That is something he would do based on the character. You know, this is a guy who offered to be a guinea pig in a science experiment to be able to go fight Nazis in the war. He’s intrinsically a hero. Like, there’s not a lot of complexity there. It might be emotionally impactful because you like him. You know, he’s a very likable character, but it’s not necessarily the most compelling arc,” he said.

He added, “Tony is a character who was supposed to die in the very first Iron Man and his sacrificing himself was more compelling to directors and writers. [Tony’s death] seems like a more interesting arc to us to take a character who had an ego because to die for others, you have to defeat the rights of that. It seemed like the more compelling arc to us that it would be Stark who died. So that it would be a richer more complex arc, and that’s why we chose him.”

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