On September 13, the first half of the fourth and final season of The Ranch debuted on Netflix. As viewers get ready to bid farewell, they must be thinking about whether there is a way for Rooster to come back. Colt’s elder brother was last seen after Season 3’s first half (also known as Part 5), and he is declared dead at the beginning of Part 6.

However, no body was ever found. Therefore, despite the cremation, there has always been a chance for the show’s creators to welcome Danny Masterson again to the series.

Why was Rooster removed from The Ranch by Netflix?

Following allegations of sexual assault against Danny Masterson, it emerges that Netflix, not the show’s creators or producers, decided to remove Masterson’s character from the series. At least four women who had a close relationship with Masterson have accused him of sexual assault, and domestic violence.

One of Masterson’s accusers reported a 2003 encounter to the police in 2004, but no actions were ever made. In 2016, the LAPD opened an investigation after three women came forward with various accusations. Although no charges have been lodged, the district attorney has been notified of at least one of the women’s claims that she was taken advantage of while dozing off.

Masterson said at his departure that he was “obviously extremely upset about Netflix’s choice to remove my character off The Ranch” and that he “shall continue to deny the outrageous claims” made against him.

There is absolutely no way Netflix would take the chance of facing backlash if they let Masterson rejoin for the finale of the program, especially considering the severity of that legal case and a continuing criminal investigation.

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