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SpaceX says it’ll now not build new vehicles for its Crew Dragon capsule. The spacecraft company uses to require humans to and from the International space station, in line with reports. The plan from now is to cap the crew dragon fleet to carry four humans through SpaceX fly, again and again, to get astronauts to space.

“We are finishing our final [capsule], but we still manufacturing producing parts, we’ll be refurbishing,” SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell told us.

After every flight of a Crew Dragon, the spacecraft should bear the melioration method in Florida, wherever some hardware is tweaked or swapped out to make the vehicle flight-ready once more.

SpaceX at first developed the Crew Dragon for NASA’s Commerical Crew Program, an initiative to spur the creation of private vehicles to ferry agency astronauts back and forth from the ISS. SpaceX has launched four crewmembers for NASA to the ISS on the crew dragon. In Sep of last year, year, the company launched its 1st private crew, carrying four civilian astronauts to Earth orbit for a three-day trip.

The company has many future visits planned for the four Crew Dragons, every of that has been named by their initial traveler crews: Endeavour, Resilience, Endurance, and Freedom.

While SpaceX has paused production of the Crew Dragon, plenty of resources are being poured into developing the company’s new Starship rocket, a massive new vehicle designed to carry people and cargo to deep space destinations like the Moon and Mars.

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